Large Vinyl

Agathocles — From Grey ....... To Black 12"

For freaks only! Perhaps the most unusual album of AGATHOCLES. Extreme horror grind / cyber punk!

Price: €9.00
Bizarre X / Trigger — split 10"

Drum'n'bass powerviolence from Germany.

Price: €8.00
Dephosphorus — Axiom 12"

An Astrogrind – Masterpiece in 7 Acts. The Debut of Greece’s Dephosphorus combines astral blasts, stellar grooves and spaced out soundscapes into a very own and unique experience in extreme music. The artwork crafted by Viral Graphics masterly underlines the band’s cosmic concept.

Price: €9.00
F.U.B.A.R. — Justification of Criminal Behaviour 12"

Grindcore from Netherlands.

Price: €9.00
K.S.K. / FUBAR — split 10"

Grindcore from Germany and Netherlands. White or black vinyl.

Price: €9.00
Sandokhan / Krupskaya — split 12"

SANDOKHAN is two guys playing insanely fast Grindcore the old school way. This is the first recording of this band, whose members play in some other grind-bands that are quite known in the genre. Sometimes they slow down, playing some neat blastbeat, just to regain the highspeed again. And yet you get the impression of some melody (!) and recognition value within the 13 songs that they finish in 7 minutes! ROOOARR!!! KRUPSKAYA from the UK are already well-known in the Grindcore-scene. After one full length CD, several 7”es and split releases with bands such as Kill a Celebrity, Trendy Bastard , Black Sister and others they again impress with a very unique style of extreme music. The riffing reaches from ultra fast shredding to noisy interludes with dissonant melodies that never lack of the right portion groove. Supported by a drummer who truly flips over himself and a voice screaming so intensely and fierce, KRUPSKAYA’s music stands out. One of the best and most innovative Grindcore-bands of our time. AMEN!

Price: €9.00
Zodiac — Rasierter Affe 10"

5 Tracks of intense raging Hardcore from Bremen/ Germoney! A furious bastard of 90’s Bremen HC and early 90’s US-HC ala RORSCHACH, URANUS etc. and a healthy dose of Metal in a timeless modern outfit. Dark and heavy! Great German lyrics about us - the shaved ape! Comes with a 12-pages booklet!

Price: €7.00