Label: Rauha Turva

Atomck / Paucities — split 7"

PAUCITIES, from Chicago, are waving the flag of the new wave of American Mincecore! This motley crue keep it fast and brutal with their offerings on this hunk o' vinyl. Members of WINTERS IN OSAKA and SOCIALLY RETARDED. The blokes in ATOMCK hail from the Newport in the UK and bring forth some insanely spazzed out death grind madness on their tracks. This split will be considered seminal a few years down the line.

Price: €4.00
Kroveled — s/t 7"

Noise punk / black from Russia.

Price: €3.60
Matka Teresa / Sakatat — split 7"

Matka Teresa — powerviolence from Netherlands, Sakatat — mincecore from Turkey. Issued with the fanzine "Critical Situation Zine #9". Interviews with: SMG, Harsh Supplement, Damage Digital, Anal Penetration, Melanocetus Murrayi, Terror Of Dynamite Attack, Re-charge De-charge, Syntax; indonesian scene report + reviews.

Price: €4.50