Label: Eatshitbuydie

Fatal Nunchaku / xKATExMOSHx — split 7"

F.N. is a grindcore/punk/thrash band from Toulouse, France. K.M. is a 4 peace powerviolence band from Rome, Italy.

Price: €4.00
Insomnia Isterica / Gokurtrussell — split 7"

New dose of high stupid and dystopic grindcore by Insomnia Isterica. Gokurtrussell — ultra pissed off fastcore by Insomnia Isterica members. Both bands from Switzerland. Limited to 530 copies.

Price: €4.00
Insomnia Isterica / Terror Firmer — split 7"

Switzerland and Italy team up to rip your fucking face off, play this sick slab of grind again and again!!

Price: €4.50
Slapendehonden / Intestinal Infection — split 7"

S. — grind with some sludge parts from Netherlands. I.I. — raw grindcore from Germany.

Price: €4.00