Genre: powerviolence

Bizarre X / Trigger — split 10"

Drum'n'bass powerviolence from Germany.

Price: €8.00
Bolo — Frustration tape

Awesome powerviolence from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Price: €2.00
CxOxSx – Soundtrack of Funny Years CD

Trashcore from Italy.

Price: €3.00
Extortion / Rupture — split 5"

On this 5" split, Aussies EXTORTION offer up three powerviolence numbers in a short amount of time that stay along their familiar lines of Crossed Out-inspired madness with RUPTURE bringing one blasting track.

Price: €4.90
Fatal Nunchaku / xKATExMOSHx — split 7"

F.N. is a grindcore/punk/thrash band from Toulouse, France. K.M. is a 4 peace powerviolence band from Rome, Italy.

Price: €4.00
Fatal Nunchaku — Paving Stone Under The Beach CD

First full-length cd from this French trio. 18 tracks of raw and blasting powerviolence.

Price: €2.50
Future Cops / Paucities — split 7"

Powerviolence and mincecore from Chicago, USA.

Price: €4.50
FxAxSxTx / xKATExMOSHx — split 7"

Powerviolence / fastcore from Hungary and Italy.

Price: €4.50
Godeater / Kurt Russell — split 7"

Powerviolence from USA.

Price: €4.50
Jigsore Puzzle / Exit Wounds — split 7"

Exit Wounds hail from Poland and deliver top speed powerviolence/grindcore with mad screaming vocals, recommended if you like HELLNATION, DROPDEAD and FLESH PARADE. Jigsore Puzzle from Germany deliver hyperfast powerviolence recalling the good ol days of the Slap A Ham classics, think of SPAZZ, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and similar. Both sides will drown you in an overdose of speed and violence.

Price: €4.50
Jigsore Puzzle / Ultimate Blowup — split 7"

Powerviolence from Germany and Turkey.

Price: €4.50
Lowfat / Onset of Serious Problems — split CD

ONSET OF OF SERIOUS PROBLEM — powerviolence from Jakarta, Indonesia. LOWFAT — hardcore punk from Bangkok, Thailand.

Price: €3.00
Matka Teresa / Sakatat — split 7"

Matka Teresa — powerviolence from Netherlands, Sakatat — mincecore from Turkey. Issued with the fanzine "Critical Situation Zine #9". Interviews with: SMG, Harsh Supplement, Damage Digital, Anal Penetration, Melanocetus Murrayi, Terror Of Dynamite Attack, Re-charge De-charge, Syntax; indonesian scene report + reviews.

Price: €4.50
Paucities / Chulo — split 7"

Chicago's premier mince band Paucities return with another slab of Agathocles and Unseen Terror worshipping grind. Features members of Sick/Tired and Winters in Osaka. Chulo's side starts with a very mincecore influenced song, blended with the typical grindcore powerviolence sound.

Price: €4.50
Slapendehonden / Drill Bit / Brom Brigade — 3 way split CD

Dutch sludgy powerviolence meets russian hardcore and thrashcore.

Price: €1.00