Genre: death metal

Decrepitaph — Forgotten Scriptures CD

“Forgotten Scriptures” collects includes previously unreleased track “Vengeance of the Abyss”, songs from the split 7″s w/ ANATOMIA, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, ERODED, MEATHOLE INFECTION, FATHER BEFOULED, OFFAL, “Resurrected And Rotting” 7″EP and live track “Unholy Crucifixion”. DECREPITAPH features current members of ENCOFFINATION, FATHERBEFOULED, SCAREMAKER, TOMBSTONES, LOATHSOME, BEYOND HELL etc. The 13-song CD is definitely a must have for all fans of DECREPITAPH and their morbid, heavy and doomy death metal in the vein of ASPHYX, ROTTREVORE, DERKETA.

Price: €4.00
Haemophagus / Subjugation — split 7"

H. — death grind from Italy. Two tracks recorded during "Atrocious" session. S. — death grind from Turkey, including members of SAKATAT and BURIAL INVOCATION.

Price: €4.50
Insomnia Isterica / Embalming Theatre — split 7"

Grindcore attack from Switzerland.

Price: €4.00
Mixomatosis / Bloodcrap — split 7"

2 live songs of goregrind from spanish band Mixomatosis and 3 songs of great of goregrind/death from italian band Bloodcrap, great split great artwork.

Price: €4.00