Genre: crust

Defy / Terror Revolucionario — split 7"

Crustcore and fast hardcore from Brazil.

Price: €4.50
Dehumanized Earth — Fausses Croyances CD

Crust grind from Canada, including members of Septicémie.

Price: €3.00
Distress / Eskatologia — split CD

Сrust / D-Beat from Russia and Sweden, digipack.

Price: €3.00
Festa Desperato — Život Ve Hříchu 7"

Crust punk from Czech Republic.

Price: €4.00
Goodmorning / Psykotic Kinesis — split 7"

GM — mix of 80's hardcore, vague anarchist metal and keyboards.
PK — strange crust with violin, male/female vocals.
Both band from Minneapolis, USA.

Price: €4.00
Goodmorning — Iconoclasm 7"

Crust punks from Minneapolis, US.

Price: €4.00
Jilted / Beyond Description — split CD

Thrash crust maniacs from Italy and Japan.

Price: €3.00
Massgrav — Still The Kings CD

Sweden's MASSGRAV return with their third full length. It's fucking fast, it's fucking intense and it's fucking great! Yep, they're still the kings. They play the most furious, pissed off, ass kicking Scandi-thrash around. 19 songs of a non-stop barrage of ripping guitars, crazed drumming, and seething vocals. Any fan of MOB 47, KRIGSHOT, ANTI CIMEX, and PROTEST BENGT will completely freak out!

Price: €4.00
Simbiose — Evolution? CD

The brand new album by Portuguese DIY crust veterans SIMBIOSE! Totally late 80's style metallish crust thrash with heavy down tuned guitars, brutal vocals! This is a must for all nowaday's hellish Swedish hardcore fans and DOOM/EXTREME NOISE TERROR style UK crust/hardcore fans!!!

Price: €3.00
V/A — The Path To True Independence CD

Four way split feat BEYOND DESCRIPTION, ASBESTOS, TOTSUG EKI SENSYA and DESTRUCTION, all bands from Japan.

Price: €3.50